Précis: The Future of Social Media: 5 Predictions for 2016

Posted by Kelly Fitzgerald







By: Amy Vernon

What the article is about:

As 2015 comes to a close, social media and digital marketing predictions for the new year have begun. Vernon outlines her predictions for 2016 by breaking them down into 5 sections: Texting, Live Video, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, and Social at Work. She predicts that social media will no longer be outlawed at the office, but will actually bring coworkers and bosses together by using apps like Slack. She also believes that texting will make a come back. Companies will figure out how to use text to their advantage without being disruptive. More notably, she talks about video, but not just regular video, live streaming video that has skyrocketed in popularity through apps like periscope, and now Facebook is offering live streaming services. Augmented reality is becoming a reality for everyone as we saw this year with the New York Times who created an AR app that was downloaded by a large number of readers. The author reports that people watched video inside the app for an average of 14 minutes. Machine learning is the capability of apps to do tedious tasks for us. Vernon cites her example of Forevery, an app that goes into your smart phone’s camera roll and organizes it according to date, time, place, and people in the images. As the machine teaches itself to do this, it will improve with time.

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