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by Allan Vargas
Restricted products are controlled substances that require special license and ID verification before dispensing. For us in this industry it is usually alcohol and tobacco. These products are regulated ATF and the FDA. 
For our teams this can be a daunting responsibility. Particularly if our Brand Ambassadors have never done this type Marketing. It is our responsibility to insure that that our brand teams are comfortable, knowledgeable and confident in what they are doing in case of an inspection. Here are some things we at, 4DV Marketing, feel important to securing these objectives:
  • Insure you have the proper licenses, paperwork and the booth is set up correctly.
  • Before the start of any event review with the whole team comportment, event objectives, safety and what to do in case of an FDA/ATF inspection.
  • The onsite manager, in our case the Market Coordinator is responsible for the management of the inspection. Once the agents identify themselves to any BA they are politely turned over to the Market Coordinator to manage the inspection. MC is to text the duty manager informing of the inspection. MC is to greet agents in a positive way. Ask for ID. Get a picture copy of ID on phone. Log time of day of inspection.  Be polite, answer their questions, present the appropriate documents if asked. If you do not know an answer say you do not know but will get the answer for them. Ask for specific feedback at the end of visit. 
  • MC is to immediately prepare a report to send the Duty Manager detailing the inspection. Duty Manager to contact 4DV principals with results. Depending on seriousness, a decision will be made of when to contact the clients. (Non-emergency on Monday morning after event)   

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